The black world

I hesitated to write this article, I have promised myself to stop writing, because with many you no longer help, there is no one who cares or cares, and the words become like the winds that do not go on, and fade quietly to rest in nothingness …. or On the other hand I am a logical man, I said: Maybe I am a failed writer and my articles are not good enough, to be thrown in waste … But unfortunately, I did not adjust my pen, and I wrote this article against my will, the brightness of the sun in the morning, no longer means Me something, why? Because the night will come and darkness and kill the light that was before it, and so on every day, the night always after the day, have we asked why? This means joy, happiness and light first, and the end is always dark, so our lives begin to cry, and everyone around us laughs, rejoices us, and day after day we grow up, we study, we learn, we look for work, we may find it, and we often cannot find it, And worries come, and we are in the spring of life, and whoever reaches the autumn of his life and is fine, this is lucky, and they are few, and after that the sunset and the day escapes with the sun away, and we fall into the darkness of the night, who owns the lamp and lamp The road will be lit for him, and as for most of us, we will live in the darkness of the night, stumble, and lost the way, and we find no one to help us, so we stay in our places, and we become moldy, polluted, and worms begin to devour us before we die, and the disease gnaws at us, Little by little, the strong of us will die standing, and as for the rest, they will spread the earth, and leave the dark and dark night forever, and the morning will come with activity, to begin work to remove our bodies lying in the streets, and start a new campaign of cleanliness and sterilization, and by day New, others are born, others die and the scenario is repeated every day, in the hope that the light will finally triumph, and whoever goes with the darkness, will be devoured by the insatiable worm of humans ….


  1. Maux&Cris · أغسطس 4

    Never give up ! Please continue to write. You are the only one able to write what you are thinking. And it is interesting !

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    • Mounzer · أغسطس 4

      Thank you for your support to me, but my friend there is no benefit from what we write, and we do not have the money to buy food and wear clothes and buy the car to take our children on a journey, despair spread in the hearts, and thus he will move to minds, what do I think, and I write and write, To no avail, is it enough for me to flatter and shake the head, does that feed my children, does that sow joy in my home …. I am sorry to say that, but it is the truth ….

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      • Maux&Cris · أغسطس 4

        I fully understand. You may manage more essential things. I hope you will find a better way for support your family.

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      • Mounzer · أغسطس 4

        My dear, I know that, I know it is my responsibility to find a solution, and this is what I talked about, flattery and shaking the head ….. I am completely aware of that, and I do not want pity for anyone, all I want is to go to rest and sleep quietly

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  2. Omatra7 · أغسطس 4

    I know your position… I have been there myself. There were moments when my daughter watched me collapse to the floor and sob. You have my heart with your pains – I can feel them.

    There were moments, I didn’t know how I was going to do things – how was I going to provide…

    And the world is harsh and unforgiving… there are times when it can feel like all is lost.

    For me, I had no protection from my ex… oh it was awful, and then I was losing all my family too, and then I got diagnosed with cancer, and I was still trying to survive, and had no idea how to provide for myself and daughter – it has been a LONG road!! And that’s just in the past 3 years – all of that.

    Only now am I beginning to get more stable. I am still not there yet and still have more to go through.

    What I can tell you… is that keep being strong, it is a moment in life and if you can battle through it – you can make it – I know you have spirit. Plus obviously you feel so deeply… the world needs people like you!!

    It is not easy – and I don’t know your area or your life… but there are people who do actually care – you just have to find them.

    And your words… someone connects and you help others – your truth and honesty in words might help someone else in the same fight for life. You are not alone. And corona doesn’t make it any easier. We all need connections and understanding – your words are important

    Later when you have taken life back… you can reread your words and see how far you have come!

    There were times I had no idea what to do… How to handle… you feel broken and exhausted… I feel your pain, very much.

    Do you have food banks around you? Or neighbors/friends who can help?

    I had to put aside any pride and take any job I could, no matter what the pay was.

    I was not in any position to have any ego or pride… I needed to survive.

    I found work through friends – taking care of the sick or elderly … it wasn’t enough to survive on but we could eat …

    And I also reached out to some people I trusted – and they gave us shelter for awhile…

    It took me 3 years to go through all that, and survive it. I still struggle, but it is getting better little by little

    I also was determined not to be taken down – my ex tries to destroy me because I left him… (he was abusive, an alcoholic, and cheated) so let me show him what he lost ✌️

    Find your fire – I know you have one because of how deeply you feel…

    Your words can help others who also feel the same. You are not alone. Please keep writing! It is also a release. It has helped me and still does.

    The world does have people who care and who have heart… but you do have to find them.

    I still don’t totally know what direction I want – I kinda fell into a death profession? It’s actually been helpful in many ways – and death is helping me step up.

    I had to change how I believed and what I believed… do not trust everyone, you must find good people with morals and heart… and let go of any ego or pride – just for the moment so you can survive.

    I once believed the world was good and full of good people… I learned that is not true … so I had to change my belief in that, but I do know there are good people!!

    I also had to learn things I am not familiar with… I was just a mom and a housewife before, my life was never so bad as it was these last 3 years – I had to learn to do everything by myself from scratch. While trying to still be a mom and with an ex that continues to come after me, he just wants to make sure he crushes me – he never thought I would leave, he thought I was at his mercy

    He thought wrong. Would I do it again? Yes. I would.

    My life before – I was being physically hurt, and mentally/emotionally hurt at the hands of my husband. The father of my kids – I allowed it because of my religious beliefs and my family.

    So… I am no longer being hurt, and I am free from his pain… he still comes after me and that does make me panic. He is dirty and I don’t know everything he is capable of.

    I lay low, stay quiet and I handle what I need to, so I can get by. I aim for things I know will help… and I am cautious with people and observe – I stand by my morals and never compromise myself… sometimes I had to think outside of the box or outside of my comfort.

    And there were sometimes I had to trust people before I knew I could.

    I always say one day – I’m gonna be a Phoenix and rise from the ashes… that’s my plan. (Is an old folk tale about a bird who rises from destruction of ashes – can’t be taken down)

    Find your solace in your family and the writing can be supportive too… look for avenues that can help you stand up again.

    My thoughts are with you and your family… I wish that pain would not be on anyone’s plate … it is a horrific thing to go through – my heart goes out to you!!

    Sorry this is really long – I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I also feel your pain very intensely.

    I do believe you can help others by sharing what you go through, some may be in same position and it can help you too – maybe with ideas from others who went through it

    Also … the world needs honesty so others can see what is happening – it’s not pretty but maybe the world needs a wake up call

    Be a voice – your strength will come. I know you are exhausted and scared – I’m so sorry – I wish I could take that away from the world!!!

    May peace be with you soon… I know the yearn for that, because I have that too.

    My thoughts and prayers for you. 😔✌️

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    • Mounzer · أغسطس 4

      My dear, thank you very much, I kn you are gre woman, and you told me before about your life, and I thank God for saving you, it’s imp to be one is happy, it seems difficult to be all the p are happy, it’s the life, positive and negative, good luck my dear

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      • Omatra7 · أغسطس 4

        Thank you for your kind words also. I wish good luck for you too!! I will be thinking, hoping and praying for you!! 🙏🙏🙏

        I don’t like that your heart aches – and I know your worries and issues. I pray for you to be safe and well

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      • Mounzer · أغسطس 4

        My dear, you are a different person from others, you know love and humanity, and this is what is currently lacking, dedication and work together, hand in hand, cooperation and love, the building is important and rose, if it is not strong with iron and cement, it will fall, Unfortunately in this life, we have reached the stage of clay, the soft stage in life, the fragile stage in which everything falls, even morals, values ​​and principles, life strikes in front of us like tree leaves in the fall, we fight for a happy life, we young And adults fight to increase their wealth, our life goes slowly, accompanied by pain, poverty and hunger, and their lives go fast, accompanied by happiness, joy and travel, I thank you for your sincere affection, and I wish we could do something useful, because in these days the call to prayer Deaf people cannot hear, and blind eyes do not see, but it is our destiny, we have to struggle and wait, and nothing lasts ….

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      • Omatra7 · أغسطس 4

        Powerful and truthful words! I reread several times, cause your words and descriptions hit me.

        You give me words to think about.

        When the leaves of a tree fall off – those leaves have died and they have had their life… the tree discards them. That tree then hibernates for awhile – gets ready to have new life… when it gets warm again – new life will come back, sometimes brighter than before?

        However… sometimes a tree can be infected with a disease or bugs that can make it die altogether. Take away its life completely… before its actual time

        The tree will become brittle, limbs will fall and it becomes a shell of its former self. Until nature takes it back.

        But what if you are not a tree? What if you were meant to be a diamond? 💎

        Diamonds are different, than trees, it takes time for diamonds to form and show their beauty. They are slower but harder…

        They are formed from igneous rock (solidified from lava or magma) the heart of fire… and also have small fragments of other minerals

        It takes millions of years to create a diamond… but what creates a diamond?? High temperature and pressure.

        Diamonds are treasured for their beauty and strength.

        A diamond can also be scratched, chipped and even broken if not cared for.

        Something so strong, can still break. But it is one of the strongest, hardest, toughest materials on earth.

        Diamonds are rare as well. A reason for them to be sought after.

        Anyway… your words are very powerful!! I am thinking of them very deeply – see …you give thought!! That is a sign of strength.

        You are right nothing does last forever. I do hope the moments of pains and exhaustion do not last for you.

        Thinking of your words ✌️ please be ok! 🙏 am here if you need a friend

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      • Mounzer · أغسطس 4

        My dear, I lived my life up and down, from the foot of the mountain to the highest summits, I passed through poverty and need, and I went through a diamond period in my life, I lived in days of cold, deprivation, and hunger, and I was screaming and no one heard, and God gave me a fruit My effort, my struggle, and my job, gave me white days, and I extended my hands to others, and I helped many people, and as you say, I fluctuated between the leaves and the diamonds, and it is life as you know, when you are in goodness, everyone around you, Most of them are hypocrites, and when you are in need and distress, everyone turns his back, and it is ironic that the tall mountain declines, to become a small hill, everyone tramples, life is a harsh lesson, I had everything, and all people around me and I never needed one of them And, I will not ask anything from anyone, and after I have a family and many obligations, the heavy diamond mass, with its value and weight, has turned into a mass of rust iron, or a worn-out tin, its structure crumbling with time, and flying with any wind, Hypocrites throw them out …
        Poverty is not a defect, and work is not a disgrace, and asking for need is not a scandal, but the big problem is that it lacks the feeling and feeling of others 🙏 ♥ ️

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      • Omatra7 · أغسطس 5

        Oh yes I agree with your words – went through that myself with people.

        But that’s also how I figure out who is ok to have in my life. Those with heart and who care – my arms are open, I do anything for them … those who turn their backs I keep caution with or don’t have in my life

        Just know that some do care. I’m sorry for your heartache. I do wish no one had to experience that.

        You are in my thoughts, please write when you feel up to it. I do think your words and your life are important.

        Please take care 🙏

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      • Mounzer · أغسطس 5

        Good morning,
        I hope you are fine, I do not know what time you are now, but in any case I thank you for your sincere feelings and your kind love, long as you are fine,

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      • Omatra7 · أغسطس 5

        Good morning ☀️

        You are very welcome, I’m sorry you have to go through and feel all that – it’s horrible. It makes me worry for you to have so much worry – I have a lot of worry currently too.

        Yeah I’m ok… for now anyway… I struggle too. I have a major thing coming next Friday I am a little scared of – but I’ll get through it. I have to go alone too. I still go through a lot – my struggle isn’t over either 😔

        If people all banded together and were there for one another – we could be such a strong and amazing world! 💕 what a world that would be!!!

        I hope you are doing ok today also 🙏 please take care and stay safe 💕✌️

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      • Mounzer · أغسطس 5

        Dear, I am proud of you, and this is enough for me, ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️

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      • Omatra7 · أغسطس 6

        Well don’t be proud yet…let me see how I handle next Friday 🙏 my life kinda depends on it – so we see

        I have to be strong, not afraid and precise 🙏

        I feel fear though, and emotion – I can’t have either one of those.

        I am going to ask for mercy and time – I am hoping they give that to me 🙏 I go up against the devil

        So if I can do NEXT Friday – not this Friday… 08/14… then you can be proud.

        I am nervous though 🙏 but I have hope and I think I have strength? Lol ✌️ I am hoping, and I have worked hard so we see

        Thank you very much! I hope you are ok- you are on my mind – please take care 🙏✌️

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      • Mounzer · أغسطس 6

        My dear, remember me well, and remember our words and our support for one another, let me support you and support you, rely on God, and think of yourself before everything, and do not be afraid, even the devil does not fear that it is just an illusion, let strength enter your heart, may God help you

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      • Omatra7 · أغسطس 6

        Thank you 🙏 I will remember and try my hardest!

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  3. Adv. Mona D Vyas · أغسطس 4

    Never give up. Instead, think that you did something that they have something to criticize you for. “

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  4. inspirechief · أغسطس 4

    You have a gift inside of you and you should share it with the world. There are so many people who are going through the same things you are. Your words can help them. Look to others that have gone through it and succeeded. You are important. Find a way to move forward a little everyday. Take care.

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  5. knjiznicaosveliskovci · أغسطس 4

    Please, promise yourself to keep writing instead 🙂

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    • Mounzer · أغسطس 4

      Thank you for your support 🌹🙏

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      • knjiznicaosveliskovci · أغسطس 4

        I’ve been writing from 2006. here in Croatia and have published many short stories thanks to literally sites, magazines and libraries because of their literary competitions and awards that I never win. So believe me, I really do understand your feelings. But don’t ever stop writing – that is your love and your life. Don’t let anybody take that away from you, not even yourself. Enjoy in sad stories about it, but write them.

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      • Mounzer · أغسطس 4

        My dear, I will complete for you, after I closed the bathroom and burst into tears, I came out smiling, I looked at my son, and I said to him: My son, I am sad, because the world around us is sad, joy is absent, and you see Coronavirus, and what he did to people, did you Do you know what he said to me? He told me: My father, why is there no bread in our house?

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      • knjiznicaosveliskovci · أغسطس 5

        You wouldn’t believe me… But I am abandoned by my ex partner and left with my daughter, in house that’s not even ours. And I do know why there is not bread in our house most of the time. I pretend like it’s not a big deal, because she is just 3 years old. And yes, I know my writing and this blog will not feed her. But I need to do it, just not to feel sad most of the time. When I’m sad, my daughter is sad too.

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      • Mounzer · أغسطس 5

        My dear, I know we have to silence our hunger, in writing and in our world, but, to admit, it is an escape from reality, as you see, I have a terrible energy to write, I feel that God always feeds me with new ideas, and I do not know how and when to write, I write without preparation or scrutiny, my writing is spontaneous, and goes easy and very simple, and I think that I am sometimes stingy with ideas, because, I think, there is someone who lurks to steal ideas and property rights ….. but one day, I deserve to have An award, and I dream, that after my death, they will call my son, to tell him, that your father deserves a medal, and if it came late …

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      • knjiznicaosveliskovci · أغسطس 5

        Look your son as a medal. I bet he loves you even though you didn’t get any award for writing. Write in order to feel that unreal freedom and real pain relief. While waiting for better times.
        P.S. I’m also worried about stealing ideas and copyright… I actually don’t know how to protect what we write from stealing, because the fact is that we write online and the whole world can read it.

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      • Mounzer · أغسطس 6

        My dear, the heart is tired and the pen is tired, and time is not useful, if waiting is a value, this value has run out, and it is no longer worth anything, except for a counter for the remaining days, and I do not think that there is value for what is left of life, because I will not be able to catch up. You guys, persevere and continue walking forward to the top to glory, and if you arrive, congratulations to you, but do not forget to unearth my grave, and put some of the top stones with me, put it on the side of my head, and tell the generations to come, that there is a man Brave, he loved to climb the peaks, but after a long life he remained a captive of the plains, and he was not able to climb even if only one step, because he was worn out from the heights he was carrying, thank you


  6. Vada Johnson · أغسطس 5

    I am truly sorry for your pain. I’ve have experienced all of the highs and lows of which you so eloquently described. There is beauty in your words but there is none Is no beauty in suffering . I don’t know where you live, but how can I help?

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    • Mounzer · أغسطس 5

      My dear, thank you for your beautiful words, the feeling of pain comes from the shocks that I delivered, perhaps I am not lucky in my community, or I am a man who lives out of reality, we have to be patient, because the truth will win in the end, and if we are right holders we will get our share, and if we Without right we deserve punishment 🙏


  7. Yuvraj Roy · سبتمبر 4

    You just nib what you think like I could connect instantly. Well done.


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