With all love

A friend tried to relieve my pain and frustration, and with all regret my answer to him was the following: … (Thank you for your support to me, but my friend there is no benefit from what we write, and we do not have the money to buy food and wear clothes and buy the car to take our children on a journey, despair spread in the hearts, and thus he will move to minds, what do I think, and I write and write, To no avail, is it enough for me to flatter and shake the head, does that feed my children, does that sow joy in my home …. I am sorry to say that, but it is the truth) ….


  1. knjiznicaosveliskovci · أغسطس 4

    Even though there is more than often no financial benefit from writing – in this world where people don’t read as they had used to because there are more options for spending free time, learning things and entertainment, there is still one benefit – it’s our free psychotherapy and we can even connect with people we couldn’t meet in our “offline” lives.

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    • Mounzer · أغسطس 4

      My dear, this is true, however, can you breathe if the oxygen is missing, can you quench your thirst if the water is missing, can our body live without blood? The soul is there and the will is there, and the mind is there, but, this cochlea, in which we live, this hole that narrows us day after day, it narrows around our neck and almost suffocates us, I do not want to read millions, my books and my articles, it suffices me several interested friends It is enough for me to tell me my son one day when he saw my tear, which I locked and was afraid to see, but he felt it, my son said to me: Papa, why are you sad, do you need anything, will I do the impossible to return your smile to you, then, I stood up, and She went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me, and she cried …

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  2. Mounzer · أغسطس 4

    There are a lot of things that are held hostage to the heart. The heart is the source of feeling and inspiration, and I cannot completely separate it.

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