We must walk forward

We look desperately at our conditions, in these difficult times that we are going through, strange things happen, incomprehensible, that push us to think deeply, in this life, how, why and what are the reasons? … Why did God create us in this life, or in this Time? Does he want us to be tormented in our lives? Does he want us pain ,? However, God is love, and He wants good for all people …. This is a point of view, and if we look at people, on the other hand, we find there are happy people, whatever the circumstances, and the world has changed from one state to another. They are fine. And they enjoy an excellent life …. Is it luck? Many questions are incomprehensible, but the only truth is: We have to work, work hard, and fight despair, not lose hope, step by step, and bond with each other, and we pledge to God that we continue moving forward and not turn to Backward, whatever happens …. to look at the sky, up to the top, to the light … The road to truth is long, and it requires more struggle and work, and in the end, we will get what we want …..


  1. Omatra7 · أغسطس 19

    I sometimes wonder… if the reasons we go through things are because we have lessons to learn?

    I am learning to be strong and actually do things myself and not depend on anyone else… and also I have had to learn how to handle a lot of loss… very devastating things. How to stay strong. How to stand up …

    I have had ALOT of lessons… I’m tired of the hard lessons. But ya know, is forming who I am becoming. I used to just be a wife and mom…

    So now it’s just different. I am still learning and still not there yet – but I’m trying 🙏

    I think of you! Hope you are doing ok and are well!! ❤️✌️

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  2. birdiedwordie · أغسطس 26

    I love the positive overtones within your hopeful message! Hope is a necessary requirement for my survival. Negativity and depression drown out all possibilities of a happy, healthy life. I have the advantage of being created in Christ’s image. Why-I’m halfway there’! I have been given free will. I can choose! Life is what you make it. It just can’t get any better than that.

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    • Mounzer · أغسطس 26

      My dear, hope is the secret of survival, we must continue, we have a long road, wonderful work, and joy awaits us🙏😘❤️

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