You are killing me

I was born into an average family, with its ambitions and dreams, and it tries its best to educate its children and motivate them to get a job opportunity when they grow up …. and I cannot find in my deep memory that we went to lunch or any trip with the father … the circumstances were She always pushed him away … and with the mother she did not have the means to entertain her children, and her interest in us and her eagerness to excel, her love and tenderness, was greater than the treasures of the whole world, especially when I found her happy and her laughter on her face, proud of our success And distinct among the mothers of the village … and from the first day my memory began to store its data … I feel constant pressure and tension, and I race against time … and I live in conflict with him as if he is a competitor to me, as he left all people and emptied for me. … I fall asleep quickly … I wake up quickly … I go to work quickly … and do my work quickly … and in the end, I am a person with limited energy … I have a heart beating, and its heartbeat is accelerating … and I try to He took a little rest … But the conflict returns again … And I only knew sleep, food and work …. I find myself in the same place … and I look in the mirror and find that child has grown up, grown up a lot, and here He is now entering the half a For the second of his life, how? When did that happen? .. I don’t know, just look at the wrinkles that started to draw her painting and carve her zigzags all over my body …. When and how? I do not know, and I do not want to get tired in the details, because I will go back to the beginning of the conflict, he is running after me, excuse me, excuse me, today I became the one running after him. It is an unequal battle, always time that wins, but I did not want to fight this battle because it is Out of my control, but it is the story of life, which we create and live in, to become numbers, names, some of us, and they are very few, remain in memory … But most of us pass through time, through history, and the page turns, and the story begins New with a new generation, and another chase with another person …. But, the chase continues with me … and it will be victorious in the end … I guess, oh oh time …. You are killing me…


  1. suramya pandeyy · أغسطس 23

    This is so beautifully written!

    Liked by 1 person

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