You saved me, son

I woke up early in the morning, very optimistic, I do not know the source of this positive energy that entered my body, I sat on the balcony drinking my coffee, waiting for my wife and children to wake up … The weather is very nice today, today is a day off, I will suggest my wife to go to the beach Today, children love to swim, and the sea brings calm and hope, and we need rest … I heard my wife’s voice, Come on, come drink coffee and she is ready, I told her, What do you think of going to the sea today? She agreed with my opinion, and she started preparing for this trip and recording the list of requests that we want for the trip …… And the children came to me happy with this scheme, a few days ago and the new school year begins, and this summer, they did not go swimming, because of Coronavirus .. … and every one of them started arranging his bag ….. my wife came with the list in her hand, we will need these items, she recorded everything for the trip …. on our way we will buy it …. uh, I looked at the list, my wife, What is that? It seems that you have recorded a lot of material, we will go and come back in the evening, we will not stay for a long time, I see that you are wrong, review it, please …. Oh my husband, we have nothing at home, she said to me ……. O God, what do I do, I do not have enough money, I put most of the money into buying bicycles, it is my project that I am planning, which will save me from poverty, and production will start at the beginning of next month, and it is the source of my positive energy, I place great hopes on it. I felt a little embarrassed … my wife noticed my hesitation, and she said: What is wrong with you? Don’t have money to buy items? Confused, she said loudly: Did you spend all the money on your failed projects? are you crazy? My children heard the noise, and they ran to us, and my wife continued to scream, fail, you will remain unsuccessful. How do children see their father, my children approached me, do you cry, my father? My son said to me, no, no, but ….. my father, take this my wallet, take it, Papa, and open it, it contains a lot of money, my father, take it, oh my father, I do not want it now, take what you want, spend it. Papa, do not be sad, do not be sad …… I stood still, stunned, and trying to stop my tears in their place …. My son began to open his wallet and took out the money, my father, I saved this money from you and from my mother, take it, And let’s go, we will not cancel our trip, come on, come on, come on, mom, don’t worry. My father has a lot of money ..come on with us, brothers .come on, ahhh, ahhh, he told them, With joy and happinessand, I come back To the balcony, I took a deep breath, turned my face, and opened the way for my tears, by starting this journey with a swim on my face … Thank you, son … You saved me, son … Thank you …..


  1. Msdedeng · أغسطس 23

    You know Mounzer, if you ever wrote a book, you know I would be among the first people to buy and read it. You write with emotion, humility, and universally. You write about things we have all experienced at some point in our lives. It was a pleasure reading this, thank you! All will be fine if you continue dreaming and putting in the work, because it does not coast a thing to dream; hell you can dream that you are the king of the world and it won’t cost a damn thing!

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    • Mounzer · أغسطس 23

      My dear, this talk is a badge on my chest, I thank you for your confidence and support, and I have great confidence that dreams will come true, as long as we have the will, the love for work, and the children who are the greatest motivation for me and the drive to achieve dreams, even if I cannot If I achieve it, I will instill in them hope, and confidence, that they are capable of achieving it😊🙏🌹😍

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  2. theatrealtair · أغسطس 23

    Bravo – really well written

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  3. Vada Allen-Johnson · أغسطس 23

    How was the trip?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mounzer · أغسطس 24

      It was a wonderful journey as I watched my family happy, but it was painful for me🙏🌹


  4. Rachel · أغسطس 24

    .Incredibly moving

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dad, it's Liam · سبتمبر 2

    Aw lovely 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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