(Three) ….. Be careful not to discuss them

Do you see with me that there is hypocrisy in this world, and that there are great, clear contradictions, which we know about, but we do not have the ability to correct them, because they prevail … But, this fact is old, and as if history is repeating itself ….. I remembered a story I read when I was young ….. There is an old man, and he is on his deathbed, he asked his children to come, and he had seven children …. He said to them: My children, before I die I want to give you advice every day … and I will start with my first advice which is: Beware that you discuss three types of people …. (First): These types of people are (the beneficiaries) … For example, someone comes to you, and composes a specific lie, This lie brings him benefit and money, and he knows that it is a lie, but if you come to him to discuss that this is a lie, or something not true, then he is ready to kill you, to defend his lie that brings him benefit …. (And he tries to convince people In it, and the continuation of acting, lying and hypocrisy, and over time it becomes a habit, followed by thousands of people believing in it, or complimenting it … like the one who lies and believes a lie …. And what is the most of them in our days ….. … and beware to argue with (the stupid): The stupid, my children , goes around in a closed circle, no He knows how to get out of it, so he wastes your time, in a discussion that is useless, basically he, he does not know what to discuss, and it is impossible for him to be convinced with you, so do not drag yourself into a sterile debate(when you discuss with ignorance, it will prevail over you) …. As for the third of these, my children … Beware of discussing (the strong): the strong, my children, does not accept to be wrong, for he is arrogant, arrogant, bossy, he will not yield to be, a loser in the fight, he will try to control you by force, and victory will be for him in the end, because it will be an unequal battle. So, my children, be careful to argue with the powerful …………………………….. my friends: I wanted to write this Wisdom, knowing that days and history change, but wisdom on this earth is renewed, and people fall again into the same events … So will a day come, and wisdom will rule …. I hope so.

One comment

  1. morgantarot · أغسطس 28

    That’s very true, those kinds of people have and always will exist

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