The donkey that knocked me down ….

In my childhood, I loved horse riding, and I dreamed that someday, I will own a horse and become a famous knight, my reputation will be spread everywhere …. and in our small village (that poor village) there was no horse there, and the donkey was It is the only means of riding, for whoever wants to go to his field, or has a job in a neighboring village, the donkey is present, and there were several vendors roaming donkeys between villages and selling fabrics and clothes to women in them …… And I was, in my childhood, I think : That a donkey is a small horse, and that it will grow and swell and turn into a horse ….. and my friend’s father, he owns two donkeys, and he has a large field, which he grows with wheat, and he also has a number of olive trees, and he used to have to go to his field every day to inspect his crops … and I found an opportunity in that, (and during the summer vacation, and in the harvest season,) to ask him to inform his father, to allow me to accompany them to the field, to help them, and to learn to ride The donkey, and this facilitates my task in the future, to ride a horse ………. It was amazing fun, and I was riding a donkey for the first time in my life and I was accompanied by my friend, I felt that I was flying, and my dreams dominated ….. After several days, my friend let me … Drive the donkey alone, and he told me: Do not go away, please stay nearby, otherwise my father will get angry, and he will not allow you to ride on it next time, and do not be hard on the donkey, because my father takes care of the comfort of donkeys, and does not anger them … And my adventure was while I was driving a donkey, like a captain of a plane in the high places of space …. and I liked it very much …. And I suggested to my friend: What do you think that we call the donkey by one of the names, I know that every horse has a name, why not The donkey has a name, just like a horse …. My friend agreed to that, and we agreed to call him (the abdeen) … that is, the one who worships the thing, and we called the other donkey, the donkey his father rides, we called it (creazy),….. ….. and several days before the end of the holiday, and schools will open next week … … while we were in the field, my friend’s father said, “The bags are no longer enough, we want more of them, go and bring them, they are in the warehouse … I told my friend’s father: I will go alone, let him help you, I will not be late, I will get it quickly …. Well, well, go and don not hurry, it is raining, pay attention …. O (the abdeen) is with us ….. I found it a suitable opportunity for me, my trip to the house to bring the bags was special, because I drove my plane alone and quickly Good … On the way back, light showers of rain fell, and it seemed that (the abdeen) not used to walk in the rain like this, he stopped suddenly and refused to continue, O (abdeen) Come on, come on … What should I do, the man will get angry if I am late to him, or he thinks I’m wasting my time on the donkey, here and there … … a small stick was in my hand, it hit (the abdeen) on his backside … and (the abdeen) turned into something like a motor … and it began to speed up, and speed up …… leisurely (the abdeen) … leisurely, please … I didn’t get used to that speed ….. minutes I found myself, on the ground, screaming in pain …. Ah, uh, what happened? He (the abdeen) knocked me to the ground ….. and it seems that (the abdeen) continued his way alone to the field … and here is my friend and his father, are you okay? Oh, my head hurts, and I cannot move my hand ….. Where, where is (the abdeen) ?, Do not worry that he is fine,(abdeen) with (creazy) eat food, he came to the field quickly, and we knew that you fell, so we came quickly ……. and it was done Ambulance to the hospital, and the result was a triple fracture in my left hand … Ah, from you (abdeen) what have you done to me? …………………. … …………….. ……….. But I pursued my dreams, and I did not stop at this accident, when I grew up, I fulfilled my dreams, possessed my horse, and became a good knight …

One comment

  1. birdiedwordie · سبتمبر 1

    You write fun stories, and I love to read what you have thought up this time! You remind me of when I was but a little girl, and I thought it didn’t matter if I applied myself in school or not, really, because you automatically grew smart with age. That’s probably where the saying “You can’t fix stupid!” came from!

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