The impossible

Who among us, at the height of his youth and the height of his enthusiasm, did not think that he was capable of doing everything, and that his dreams and ambitions had no limits, we used to believe that the will and desire to reach the goal can overcome all difficulties and remove all barriers that stand On our way … and with the passage of time and as we advanced in age, everything changed, conditions changed, the will subsided, the desire weakened, and our desire to find work, secure a job and a salary to feed our family and children became all our goals. … they killed ambition in us, and they killed dreams, our borders became confined, to be slaves and keep working under their feet … we are born and live and die poor, and that our wings remain broken, we cannot fly or fly high …. and Our eyes are blind, our ears are deaf, and our voice is weak, we only whisper … and we are quietly waiting for death and we are happy with it, because it is the only salvation, and great freedom for us … While waiting for future generations, you may be able to do the impossible one day. ..

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  1. clara80 · 16 Days Ago

    want to do the what is called or believe is impossible

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