Oh God, what happened to this world?

The sun went down, the darkness spread everywhere, we lost hope for the tomorrow, and this world changed, the lions are gone, the kings are gone, and only the hyenas and wild dogs remain … there is no master … we have become dolls, we watch all Something silently, and we laugh with pleasure … and we thank God for our survival … There is nothing but hunger, thirst, poverty, disease and pain, the inspiration is absent, and the joy has disappeared, even our laughter has limits, it will not allow us To laugh out loud, and not to show our teeth, just a silent laugh ….. and we quietly wait for death … it is a count of days that passes in front of us … If the hyenas do not kill us, hunger or disease will kill us …


  1. camila6123 · 4 Days Ago
  2. azuquiqui1 · 3 Days Ago

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