To whom does the sun rise?

We sleep in the evening on hope, we close our eyes and forget our worries after a stressful day, and we say: Tomorrow a new day begins… There is no water, there is no electricity, there is no food and there is no money… The important thing is that we breathe air.. I know that we are just numbers in this world… But why do we live? Who do we live for… do we deserve this life? Yesterday I looked at my children and pity and pain breaks my heart..because they are a copy of me..pain and poverty will continue to haunt them, and there will be nothing new in the future.. However, I invite them to be optimistic and paint them a rosy picture, but the truth is something different… I woke up in the morning, my kids were waiting : I told them why didn’t you go to school? They said: The school asked them for notebooks, books and several other things… I told them, of course, of course, school and study is a sacred thing, science is necessary because it will transform your life and improve your conditions, and tomorrow I will see you as a doctor, lawyer and engineer،Speech is just air, and morale is always necessary, even if it is illusions or lies, But, where does the money come from? There is no money… This time I can’t lie… I told them: Give me the list, today in the evening, when I come back from work everything will be at home, don’t worry…. And they left the house to school happy… I looked in the mirror, I looked at my face .. What is the use of my eyes? Why don’t I sell anything of it.. Is happiness in these eyes on this face? .. Something is wrong, either these eyes do not deserve this face, or this face does not deserve these eyes.. .. I will go to the city and sell one of the eyes or part of it… I looked out the window… I looked at the sky, at the rising sun.. I looked with great concentration.. And I said, “Maybe this is the last time.. And my eyes started to weep profusely, at next time.” Coming there will be something different

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